Trek Stache 7 29+ (18.5″)

From: $55.00


The Stache had the Bontrager Chupacabra tires that just gripped so well it was nothing short of inspiring. I could take any line, bumpy or smooth, through a turn and it just didn’t matter, the tires soaked up the rocks and roots.

I, for myself and any minor children for which I am parent, legal guardian or otherwise responsible, release the bicycle shop, agents, and employees from any liability for damage or injury to myself or any person or property resulting from negligence, adjustment, selection and use of this equipment, I understanding the inherrent risk involve in using this equipment, accept the full responsability for any and all such damege or injury which may result.
I accept for use, as is, the equipment in good condition and accept the full responsability for care of equipment while in my possession. I will be responsanble for the prompt replacement at full retail value of all rental equipment not returned or damaged, other than reasonable wear and tear, which results from the use of this equipment.
I agree to return rental equipment by agreed date in clean condition to avoid additional charges.
All instructions on the use of rental equipment have been made clear to me and I understand the fuction of the equipment.
I accept the terms of this agreement and accept responsibility for the above charges.

20% of rental total is non-refundable if canceled with less than 24 hour notice.


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