Proper Bike Fit

The key to riding comfortably is having a bike that fits properly. When a bike fits properly, it reduces fatigue, especially in the knees and arms, and alleviates aches and pains. It helps a cyclist to ride longer, more comfortably.

Proper bike fit starts with a bike that is the right size. This ensures that the proper seat height and reach to the handlebars can be attained. Once you have a bike that is the right size, a professional bike fit can be performed to fine tune the way the bike fits.

No matter what kind of bike you ride or how many miles you ride, a bike fitting could help you enjoy riding even more. As certified fit specialists, we help you achieve the best fit possible.

A full professional fitting takes 2-3 hours and includes the following measurements and adjustments:

  • Saddle Height: when a foot is in the lowest pedal position, the leg should be almost fully extended. A goniometer is used to check the knee angle.
  • Saddle Fore/Aft: lasers are used to check for the proper knee alignment over the pedal. The saddle can be moved forward or backward to accomplish this.
  • Cleat placement: measurements are taken and lasers are used to determine proper cleat placement on the shoes. This ensures that the feet and knees are lined up properly. Wedges may also be used either under the cleat or inside the shoe to help with this alignment.
  • Handlebar reach: We begin by using the goniometer to check the current angle of reach to the handlebar. From there, a salsa sizing stem is used to help the rider find the most comfortable reach and angle for the handlebar. Once this position is achieved, the proper size of stem can be installed on the bike to match the preferred position.