Big Sky Cycling and Fitness is a full service repair shop. We have highly trained and experienced mechanics who love working on bikes. We service any brand, style, or age of bike.

Typically, we can fix flats while you wait. For all other services, it is best to schedule an appointment so your bike will only be in the shop for a day. If you need your bike done before the next available appointment, we do apply rush charges. We give free estimates for all service work prior to any work being completed.

Services offered, but not limited to, include:

  • Tire repairs: fixing a flat, installing slime, tubeless conversions
  • Accessory installation: racks, fenders, lights, computers
  • Tune-ups/overhauls
  • Adjustments: all parts of a bike
  • Parts replacement: cables/housing, brakes, cassettes, chains, handlebars, forks…
  • Fork overhauls/ oil changes
  • Brake bleeds
  • Boxing and shipping a bike
  • Assembling shipped bikes
  • Conversions to single-speed

Tune-ups: We offer 3 different tune-ups to accommodate what your bicycle needs.

Minor Tune-Up

  • Front and rear brakes are adjusted
  • Front and rear shifting is adjusted

Deluxe Tune-Up

  • Same as the Full Tune-up, plus the following:
  • Remove and clean the entire drivetrain, including the chain, cassette/chainrings
  • Lube the chain and moving parts
  • Wipe down the frame (if the bike is excessively dirty, we do charge a cleaning fee)

Full Tune-Up

  • Adjust the ront and rear brakes
  • Adjust the front and rear gears
  • True and tension both wheels
  • Adjust all bearing surfaces: hubs, headset, bottom bracket
  • Lube the chain and cassette
  • Check/inflate tire pressure
  • Light cleaning of the bike (if the bike is excessively dirty, we do charge a cleaning fee)

Complete Overhaul

The bike is taken completely apart, cleaned and re-assembled with new cables and housing. All bearings are re-packed. Your bike will come out of the shop performing like a new bike again.

Service Guarantee

All repair services (except flat tire repairs) include a 30-day riding guarantee on all work performed. If your bike is not working as you expect it should, just bring it back and we’ll take care of it.